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Who is Kari Barba? - From teenage artist to unrivaled Tattoo Artist extraordinaire

Who is Kari Barba? - Artist to unrivalled Tattoo Artist extraordinaire Kari Barba officially began tattooing in 1979 at the slender age of just 19 in Minnesota.  Although Kari had been an artist from an early age, to make things really happen, Kari moved to L.A and was by 1991, one of the premier tattoo artists in the country[1]. In November 1982, Kari attended the Long Beach, California tattoo convention aboard the ocean liner Queen Mary. The convention was put on by Triple-E Productions- Don-Ed Hardy, Ed Nolte and Ernie Carafa (please donate)[1] The first of its kind in the world, Kari had the opportunities to meet many great artists including the organisers. Other famous attendees at the convention...

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Bikini Ink Blog-Tattoo Artist Mr Cartoon-Gangster Squad

Bikini Ink do a blog on world famous L.A based tattoo artist Mr Cartoon. Cartoon's multidisciplinary art skills reaching across all forms of art including murals, album covers, logos and branding are proven and inspire projects like Bikini Ink to keep striving to create amazing art.

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