Alex Strangler-Bad Ass Babe

Alex Strangler-Bad Ass Babe

Alex Strangler is an accomplished L.A tattoo artist who in a 2015 interview with Zero Gravity in L.A described her style as:

I fall into the category of “American traditional” tattooing by default. Bold thick outlines, black shading and bright, vibrant colors, that’s my style…

Alex said that pop culture was a driving force in her work (that’s for sure and we love it) and that she gets her inspiration from as many sources as possible including surrounding herself with other talented artists.

Although, Alex was interest in art from a young age, in a story with Inked Magazine, Alex informs us that her tattoo career started by chance when she was given a job as a receptionist at a tattoo shop where she used to get her ink done.

The tattoo shop owner had Alex learn painting and using his own brushes, redoing old Sailor Jerry type design sheets.  Before long, the shop owner recognised Alex’s skills and she was on her way to becoming a tattoo artist and in turn her designs made him some good coin. 

In her interview with Inked Mag, Alex tells of inking her first tattoo around 2006 and from at least in October 2012 to at least around March 2015 Alex was working at the The Dolorasa tattoo shop in L.A.    

In mid June 2014, Alex did a guest spot with Melissa Fusco at Off the Map tattoo in Massachusetts where they note with respect to Alex’s upcoming appearance at the time:

Alex will be heading here from California where she spends her days tattooing awesome traditional influenced designs saturated with bold bright colors such as the image below.

Sadly there was no image below, but Alex’s Tumbler posts show that Alex’s style has been consistent for some time including whilst at The Dolorasa.

Alex also noted with her Zero Gravity interview that she loved doing guest spots and noted Taylor St. Tattoo in Chicago and Black Label Tattoo in Maryland as some of her faves.

In December 2015, Alex had an interview with ex baseballer Josh Chesler of LA Weekly where Alex noted she was then working out of her private studio in L.A.  alex has had some guest appearances on The Simpsons.


Alex noted that some of the best tattoos have a serious feminine twist to them.   Josh said in the article:

Alex Strangler’s work falls into that category, and if you want someone to do something cartoony and/or feminine on you, there’s no one better… Strangler has mastered cartoon tattoos, and she does some pretty wonderful neotraditional work as well. If it’s cute and/or animated with a sense of humor, there are few people worth considering other than Strangler. Of course, Strangler works out of a private studio, so you’ll have to contact her for directions. @alexstrangler.

By January 2016 Alex had started uploading pics of her wonderful cartoon style characters on her website. Some of Alex’s historical flash work can be seen on Pinterest and a good mix of old and new is seen in Tattoodo’s feature article.

Alex also sells a range of fabulous tees and other cool things on her website.

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