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Tattoo artist Mr Cartoon

Mister Cartoon (Initials of MM, but considers use of his name disrespectful) is a famous L.A (born and bred in the Harbor area of L.A County) multidisciplinary artist who is able to turn his artistic brilliance into any project imaginable. 

With a super impressive client list including Eminem, Travis Barker, Slash, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent and Beyoncé, and at the date of writing, over 270k Instagram followers, “Cartoon” (as he is commonly called) has made his mark!

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Not an unfamiliar story, Cartoon began his career as a graffiti artist evolving into airbrushing tees and low-rider cars.  Cartoon was influenced and inspired by legendary tattoo artists such as  Jack Rudy and Bob Roberts

His tattoo style of art, known as “Fineline Style” was developed in the California prison system but brought to life by Jack Rudy in the seventies. Hanging out at Bob Robert’s famous tattoo shop “Spotlight” inspired and was probably the genesis for his passion for tattoos for which the world is of course eternally grateful.

Later Mr Cartoon decided to turn his hand to and successfully created logos and branding (including for the likes of Microsoft, Nike, Vans, Stussy, Metro PCS, Rockstar Games, and Harley-Davidson), album covers and of course tattoos for which he is most famous.

In his 2006 interview with Brandweek, Cartoon reveals that his Nike project shoe flew off the shelves, but he had to impress on Nike that they should go with his proposal to start with. Nike said get in line coz everyone wants to do a shoe.  It took over year to convince Nike.

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Carton’s other super impressive work includes his auto murals.  Cartoon’s freehand murals are breathtaking and frequently show off in his love for and collection of  Chevrolet Impalas.  His love for low-rider culture well documented and emanating in his executive producing role in the 2017 release movie Low Riders and him handpicking many of the cars in the movie.   Cartoon’s role in the creation of the Gangster Car for the Gangster Squad movie shown in his short youtube video.

Cartoon, has been invited to show his varied skills all over the globe but this success hasn’t come overnight.  Cartoon’s realising he would be an artist at the age of eight and accepting his first paid job at age 12 beginning airbrushing tees and cars.

Although already enjoying such a long spanning career, we can expect to see much more of Mr Cartoon.  And the world would be a better place for it.

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