Bikini Ink's Story

Who is Bikini Ink?

At the time of writing in July 2018, we hadn't opened our store yet or sold anything although we are hoping to very soon.  Bikini Ink was born after the owner, Scotty Steele was forced to change work due to an innocuous but life changing back injury. 

After enjoying  life outdoors in all types of sports (especially running/jogging) and living alongside the Indian Ocean in Scarborough Beach Western Australia, a change of life was always going to evolve around something with the outdoors.

A love of art and in particular colorful artistic tattoos, and growing up with sewing machines as a child, a swimwear concept eventually morphed into the Bikini Ink (thanks Chris Hutchinson) brand concept and the journey was soon on its way. 

Learning how to digitize artwork for embroidery and develop techniques to allow embroidery on the very flexible 4 way stretch that we use, took time. But eventually we got there and here. 😎

Scotty also runs a Facebook Blog about the environment called Planet Heroes and wants to use profits from Bikini Ink to help clean up the Big Blue. 💪

We hope you love our brand.