Bikini Ink embroidered Guns 'n' Roses bright blue bikini triangle halter bikini top.  In demand inked bikini triangle halter top in bright blue. Stylish bright blue Bikini Ink bikini top with bright blue Guns 'n' Roses (red) tattoo inspired bikini ink artwork
Guns 'n' Roses

Bikini Ink

Guns 'n' Roses

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Two beautifully bright blue mexguns seated on a bed of red roses look super against our Sapphire Marine fabric.  As always, these puppies are crafted in our super comfy heavy weave 4 way stretch.  Shaped into our Santa Monica design, you'll have a bit more cup for support than our Malibu Cheek design so you're going to look and feel your best! 

Need a bottom to suit? Check out our matching Guns 'n' Roses bottom or if you prefer, try our unique Mix 'n' Match App  to view your own matching bottom (style and size) below this top of your choice on the one screen and then head direct to the checkout. Zero fuss!  💕